Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simple Owl card.

After days and days of rain, we have beautiful Sunshine today!  Still cold, but all least the sun is smiling down on us in Northern California!

I made this cute simple card with my 3yr old GD for her mom's upcoming Birthday.  We made a few mistakes and had to adjust, but that's what makes this card even more special.


  1. love the card base, great choice

  2. Very Cute! I just made a card with a cow on it... Please stop by and see it!

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  4. Just love the owl on this card. Congratulations on the Liebster Blog award.

  5. So cute, love the colours! She must of had a blast making this card with you, TFS :)

  6. Visiting you from Jenn’s Blog - New follower great site - I love these Cards, have a soft spot for owls - I invite you to check out My Blog, I make handmade cards and paper crafts too!

  7. Love the card, fabulous job!! You have just been given an award over on my blog, come check it out!!

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